Definition Of A Diabetic Diet

If you have just been diagnosed with diabetes or you have been told that your child has the condition it can all be a bit confusing. The one thing that might be confusing them is the food that they are allowed to eat from now on. The definition of a diabetic diet is something that you need to understand and that is what you are and are not allowed to eat.

Before we can move onto a diabetic diet definition you need to realise that there is more than one type of diabetes. When it comes to children, most of them will have an insulin controlled diabetes which is also called type 1 diabetes.

The cause of type one diabetes is the pancreas inability to produce insulin and that means that it has to be injected into the system by the sufferer. Type 2 diabetes is often referred to as adult onset diabetes and with this condition the pancreas can still produce insulin but just not as effectively as it once did. When considering the definition of the diabetic diet, it is important to understand the difference between type one and type two diabetes.

The Diabetic Diet Definition. The type of diabetes that you have will determine the diabetic diet that you have to follow. If you are insulin controlled (Type 1) then your diet will depend on your blood glucose levels. Most people will check these daily and adjust their diet accordingly. Those who are not insulin controlled (Type 2) can discuss a diet with their dietician and will be able to stick to this unless problems occur.

When it comes to a diabetic diet, a person with type 2 diabetes will usually find that it is easier to plan things. However type 1 diabetics should still be able to plan their diet too. So basically when defining your diabetic diet it will depend on the type of condition that you are suffering from.

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