Five Important Things That a Diabetic Patient should Have at Home

“You have diabetes”. This statement can make you go weak on your knees. You may feel the entire floor beneath you has crashed down. You cannot eat your favourite sweet anymore! You have to have a controlled lifestyle! Your food habits have to be regulated! In short you need to live a saintly life. If these are your assumptions then it is for sure that you have not checked the latest improvements in diabetology medicine. Doctors say that diabetes is a diseased state that can be controlled easily with healthy lifestyle management and some happy go living. Along with these, there are few things that a diabetic patient must have at home in case of an emergency crisis situation. These are mentioned here for your easy understanding:

Sugar level monitor

Diabetes needs regular monitoring. One must have a portable sugar level monitor that can measure blood sugar quickly within no time. This helps them to keep a tab on their health state and can rush to the doctor’s help. Also this will help in maintaining a regular report of sugar level in one’s body so that the doctors can use this data to make their diagnosis.

BP monitor and weighing machines

Insulin is a hormone secreted in human body which is responsible to the wellness of human beings to a great extent. Diabetes is a disease condition where this hormone gets imbalanced and hence there will be weight fluctuations in the patient’s body. To monitor weight and also to measure the blood pressure regularly, it is mandatory that one must have weighing machines and also blood pressure monitor equipments at home.

Insulin injections

For those whose insulin secretion is too low, doctors prescribe insulin injections. Hence insulin syringes and medicines must always be there at home. One should carry their insulin pen with them wherever they go so that they do not miss even one dose of medicine. There are various kinds of insulin injections available in market namely disposable syringes, pen type syringes which can be refilled with the medicine vial etc. one has to but the model that suits them well.

Emergency medicines

Low sugar levels or high sugar levels can occur if the patient is not strictly following the medicines on time and not sticking to food regulations. While low sugar can be identified when patient has nausea and dizziness, high sugar can cause vomiting, dry mouth, fatigue etc. Hence to arrest these extreme conditions one must always have the medications in their pouch so that they can use these and feel better.

First aid

A diabetic patient must be extremely careful when they hurt themselves. Open wounds take plenty of time to heal due to their medical condition. Even a small cut or abrasion should be duly treated with proper first aid treatment. Hence, it is mandatory that one has a first aid kit with cotton, gausses, antiseptic creams bandages etc at their home.

These equipments, tools and medicines are important for any diabetic patient as they may tend to need any of these during any time of the day. But buying these equipments from renowned stores is very important to ensure the health and safety of the diabetic patients. Along with these, one has to practice happy and healthy lifestyle that includes plenty of walking, exercising, drinking water etc. that help them stay fit and live ahead of others.

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