Obesity And All Health Problems Can Be Avoided

I believe obesity is the biggest (pun intended) health problem of all, as a host of other serious medical conditions has it high on their list of causes. Many of these obesity-caused medical conditions engage it in a vicious cycle that won’t end until remedied. Examples of such are as follows:

The first medical condition is high blood pressure or hypertension, where the heart have to work very hard to supply the extra fat with oxygen, which leads to the hardening of arteries in case of obese individuals.

Due to cholesterol and other fatty deposits, the arteries become narrower and this creates choke points for the blood and causes strokes, heart attacks and erectile dysfunction.

In order to normalize blood pressure even for severely overweighted people, my natural blood pressure exercise program has proved fruitful. But it does not deal with the cholesterol building or other factors of being overweight.

The second medical condition caused due obesity is diabetes. The extra fat present in the body can create a resistance to insulin and result in the rise of blood sugar. It is really very hard for me to begin on the problems that diabetes can cause.

The additional fat on the chest and neck area can also cause sleep apnea and snoring. A person suffering from sleep apnea stops breathing for several seconds, several times an hour, while asleep.

The body receives less oxygen, so the heart starts to work overtime and it leads to hypertension as it receives less oxygen.

There’s a whole lot more. Osteoarthritis (pain in the joints caused by the extra weight), gallstones, cancer – the list goes on and on.

Obesity can cause psychosocial tension in the individual, because the stigma of being “fat” always stings .

Very sadly, obese teenagers have gone so far as to favor suicide over the torment.

I knew these things for many years and that there had to be some way to curb the rise of obesity in today’s society.

I have spent several months developing a new weight loss program. This program helps overweight people can enjoy freedom from a host of illnesses. These program helps in cutting down on the big underlying cause – obesity.

And it has nothing to do with work out or diet.

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