Sugar intake in a pre diabetic diet

It is important to check your daily sugar intake when you are diabetic. A part from the daily sugar intake, diabetics should also watch their daily carbohydrates intakes as these two are the main factors responsible for the abnormal fluctuations in blood sugar levels. But what are the main factors leading to being diabetic? A family history , obesity, sedentary lifestyle, stress filled lifestyle, high calorie diets and many other factors can all lead to developing type 2 diabetes variant if not kept in check. Due to the current lifestyle trends, more and more people are being diagnosed with diabetes. And if left untreated, diabetes can lead to damaged blood vessels resulting to such health complications as glaucoma, kidney and heart diseases, depression, diabetic neuropathy, gum diseases, low immune system, etc.

A higher than normal blood sugar levels in two consecutive blood tests basically confirms that you have diabetes. An abnormal blood’s sugar levels fluctuations can lead to feeling fatigued at all times, low blood pressure, dizziness and frequent fainting. To counter these diabetic side effects, those diagnosed with pre diabetes, full scale diabetes need to follow a balanced low calorie diet on a daily basis-about 35 calories per kg of one’s total body weight. In combination with a daily exercises routine, a healthy daily diet is a sure way of combating the ills brought about by diabetes. However, all those foods that could lead to sudden fluctuations in the blood sugar levels should be avoided at all costs, especially so with the diabetic.

Carbohydrates are the main sources of energy and the blood sugars or the glucose. Glycemic index of the food help the victim know whether the food ingested is either quickly or slowly digested and whether it could instantly raise the blood sugar levels. The higher the glycemic index of a particular food item, the quicker it will raise the blood sugar levels. As diabetes is closely related to blood sugar levels, consumption of sugar (a type of a carbohydrate) should highly be restricted so as to avoid the abnormal fluctuations in the blood sugar levels. Sugars, in whatever form increases the blood sugar levels whenever consumed.

Pre diabetes victims are advised to eat a high fiber diets, for instance vegetables and fruits. However, while consuming these foods, they need to keep watch of the glycemic index of the said food. Refined sugars found in such food items as candies can actually lead to a sudden rise in blood sugar levels, thus are not recommended for pre diabetic patients thus should be avoided. Simple carbohydrates are normally digested as quickly as they enter the body leading to sudden fluctuations in blood sugar levels. However, the body takes its time while absorbing complex fiber filled carbohydrates, thus helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels. Nonetheless, instead of the diabetics watching the sugars in their diet, they need to watch the carb content and the type of carbs in their daily diets.

The severity of pre diabetes symptoms varies from a person to the other. This being so, there is no fixed sugar intake requirements in a pre diabetic diet. A regular physical exercises regime coupled with a healthy lifestyle greatly reduces the chances of a pre diabetic victim developing full blown diabetes.

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