Type Of Treatment And Care Available At Diabetes Clinic

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder. Due to inappropriate insulin production in the body, the blood sugar in a person’s body can get higher or lower than necessary. However, diabetes can influence several important organs and organ systems in the body. Therefore, a diabetes clinic isn’t just about diagnosis, consultation and management of diabetes. It can offer different type of treatment, medical care and support. Different types of diabetes affect patient differently and necessitate different type of treatment or medical care a patient needs. So, take a look at the different types of treatment and care available, based on the type of diabetes.

* Type 1 diabetes:

It happens in children or young adults. A diagnosis is a tricky factor because this is a genetic condition and it is an uncommon condition. However, a well-equipped clinic will undertake diagnosis, consultation and management of the condition. It is very crucial to monitor the blood sugar in such cases. However, a diabetes clinic will offer a customised diet plans that will keep children healthy. At the diabetes clinic, an exercise schedule and insulin therapy can be customised to meet health challenges of patients.

* Type 2 diabetes:

This most common form of diabetes is due to insulin resistance in adults. This type necessitates a customised diet plan, good exercise routine and insulin therapy. However, this kind of diabetes is also connected with several other fatal disorders. Therefore, a patient must visit diabetes clinic for

* Early detection and treatment of prediabetes

* Screening and appropriate treatment for retinopathy, cataracts, kidney (nephropathy), liver (fatty liver), nerves( neuropathy), heart attack risk, sexual dysfunction ( erectile dysfunction), lipid problems, etc.

* Routine check up

* Regular diet plan that assists the diabetic get rid of sugar cravings for common Indian delicacies such as mithai

* An annual or quarterly check-up of major organ systems that may get affected due to diabetes

* Quick recovery from any other health challenge because diabetes does slow down the recovery

Advanced treatments such as continuous glucose monitoring (cgms), and Insulin Pump are also available at selected clinics. Advice on diet, life style, pregnancy planning, obesity and allied hormonal problems like thyroid disorders, blood pressure is available at most diabetic clinics in India.

* Gestational diabetes:

This type of diabetes is typically a temporary condition during pregnancy. However, pregnant women do need to take certain care for a healthy pregnancy. A diabetes clinic can offer following medical care to pregnant women.

* Diagnosis and consultation
* Regular diet plan
* Exercise routine advice
* Insulin therapy, if needed
* Monitoring foetal growth and well-being

A well-equipped diabetes clinic can offer several ways of diabetes management. Advice on prevention, screening and treatment of various diabetes problems is provided. But, here is their most important responsibility – a diabetes clinic, must help patients lead a normal life, lead a more balanced lifestyle, and prevent any cardiovascular diseases.

Sowmya K is a certified dietician, who designs diet for diabetes patients specifically. But, she also has a keen passion for writing. So, she combined her professional knowledge and writing articles about diabetes clinics, diets, and exercises to help people live an active life with diabetes.